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About HotHealth

HotHealth is an all-in-one patient engagement solution for healthcare delivery businesses.

HotHealth is a product of Global Health Limited, a leading provider of software solutions to the Australian healthcare market.

Who we are

HotHealth was created by Global Health to connect healthcare providers with their consumers. Our local team believe that clinics and organisations should own their relationship with their patients and clients.

What we do

We give clinicians and healthcare delivery organisations a digital doorway to providing healthcare services. We work hard to ensure that healthcare providers see improved clinical outcomes, operational efficiency and greater patient satisfaction. We want to provide the tools for better healthcare for organisations of all sizes.

Why we do it

The features and benefits that HotHealth offers all revolve around our core vision of empowering healthcare consumers. HotHealth gives organisations of all sizes the ability to better engage with their patients and clients through tools such as telehealth, forms, chat forums and information distribution. Ultimately, we want consumers to be actively involved in their healthcare.

See how HotHealth can help you

HotHealth can be customised to suit single allied healthcare providers and large, enterprise-scale health organisations alike.

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