Easy to use form builder

Easily create short or long patient and client forms.

A powerful form builder

Edit an existing template or drag over the type of question you want to add.

Type in your question, add multiple choice (if applicable) and edit the field name if you need it to link to another system.

HotHealth Form Builder
HotHealth Form validations and conditions

Create follow up questions and rules

Use data validation and rules to have additional questions show to relevant users.

Ask ‘have you had any surgery in the last 12 months’, if they answer yes ask a follow up question ‘please give us details.’ Remain relevant to your patients and clients.

Options, options, options

HotHealth forms gives you the chance to build simple or comprehensive forms.
Build your form

Choose from text fields, survey questionnaires, day fields, e-signature areas, time fields, date fields, phone number fields, email fields, checkboxes, select boxes, dropdown select options and radio buttons to collect data.

Change the layout

Add columns, multi-pages and sections to keep the form looking its best!

Add your content

Use the HTML or content areas to add your own text and information to the form.

Say goodbye to paper