The smarter way to do patient registration

Transform your new patient or client registration form into a digital version.

Eliminate paperwork

Say goodbye to scanning, storage and shredding of paper.

Patient data is encrypted in HotHealth and can be securely sent via SMD compliant communication to your PMS or EMR.

HotHealth Registraion form - online
HotHealth Form Sign Consent

Improve the patient and client experience

Your HotHealth forms are accessible via URL so they can be completed on any web-enabled device.

Allow your patients and clients to complete new registration forms from the comfort of their own home. This allows patients to give you all required information and your staff can complete the registration process prior to their appointment.

Digital patient registration forms

Save staff time

Save time printing off forms, handing them out, waiting for patients and clients to complete them on arrival, scanning them back in and then trying to read ineligible handwriting.

Enhance your workflows

Improve your internal operational efficiencies with triggers and notifications. Form submissions can trigger email alerts for follow-up tasks.

Digital signatures

HotHealth forms allows patients and clients to digitally sign their registration forms using their phone, tablet or computer. They physically sign their signature with their finger or mouse.

Email notifications of submissions

Send the link beforehand via whatever channel you usually send out reminders with and have completed forms sent via SMD to your end system. You can also be notified via email of new submissions and quickly access the completed form via the link on the email.

Say goodbye to paper