Deliver better care

Set triggers, automate notifications and understand your traffic with data insights.

Transform the way your team are notified

Simplify your workflow with notification triggers.

Email addresses are notified when a field on your form equals an amount. For example, a multidisciplinary clinic can have one form. When the service ‘physio’ is selected, a physio email is notified of the submission.

Form rules and conditions
HotHealth form insights

Spot trends

CSV data export allows for the easy data insights.

Form response data can be exported for you to analyse.

The smarter way

HotHealth forms are the smarter way to capture data.
Automatically have completed forms sent to ReferralNet

SMD integration allows for completed forms to automatically be sent to your PMS or EMR.

Set rules for triggers and alerts

Add rules for notifying emails of an answer within a form. Great for multi-disciplinary clinics or where extra actions need to be taken.

Email notifications

Set an email address to be notified of a form completion.

Say goodbye to paper