The perfect alternative to in-person consultations and the front door for continued care

EMR and PMS agnostic video conferencing.

Australian hosted and supported

HotHealth is an Australian hosted platform, giving Australian healthcare providers peace of mind. Our local support team are here to assist in setting up, configuration and answering any questions that arise.

Access to a HotHealth Video Conference can only be gained by participants who are invited and use their login details to their HotHealth account to access the room. Video recordings are not saved in HotHealth. HotHealth is locally hosted in Australia and is compliant with Australian standards, using encryption in transit and storage ensuring data is secure at all times.

HotHealth Video Login security
Video consultation on different devices

Access on any device

HotHealth works on phones, tablets, laptops and desktops.

Accessible via a web browser, HotHealth can easily fit into your existing workflows and requires no specific hardware or software for providers or patients and clients.

Video sessions for telehealth

Individual or group sessions

If online bookings is enabled, patients and clients can book one-on-one sessions with staff members. Staff members can schedule video sessions with multiple participants. This is useful if providers need to have meetings with other providers in the care team, or if providers are running group sessions.

Medicare benefits

Medicare benefits are available for video consultations between Specialists and patients living in telehealth eligible areas. Medicare benefits are also available for clinical support provided by a healthcare professional who is with the patient during the remote consultation. Read more on the Australian Government’s Services website.

Connect with other providers

Providers living in rural or remote areas can connect with other healthcare professionals easily, avoiding out-of-practice time.

HotHealth forms consent
Telehealth forms

Digital forms in the same platform as your video sessions. Find out more about digital forms for telehealth.

HotHealth Video file sharing
File and screensharing for interaction

Share your screen with other participants so they can see what you see.

HotHealth website - app
Continue your conversation

Chat conversations started in calls can be continued on your site once the call has concluded.

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