Video conferencing

The perfect alternative to in-person consultations

Secure video conferencing

Use video conferencing in place of in-person consultations, follow-ups or to offer after hour services. Overcome time and distance factors while saving costs.
HotHealth’s video conferencing meets the Australian Telehealth Standards.


You and your clients can access the video conferencing function via a computer, tablet or the HotHealth phone app. Once logged in, you and your clients can see all of their past and upcoming sessions.

How it works

HotHealth provides secure video conferencing services where clients access your services from your own site. You and your client will both need to login to your HotHealth accounts via the web browser or HotHealth app to join the video conference. Reminders are sent automatically in the lead up to the appointment.  
Once you and your client join the video conference, you will be able to see and hear each other through the microphone and camera of your device. There is also an internal chat function available during the appointment.