We want to support you during the
COVID-19 pandemic

We have waived our subscription fee until mid June 2020 for new clients

Protect you, your organisation & patients with video conferencing
Minimise contamination and spreading

*only pay for stripe and usage

Video conferencing

The perfect alternative to in-person consultations

Use video conferencing in place of
in-person consultations, follow-ups or
to offer after hour services. 
You and your clients can access the
video conferencing function via a computer, tablet or the HotHealth phone app.
Once you and your client join the video conference, you will be able to see and hear each other through the microphone and camera of your device.

HotHealth’s video conferencing feature provides:

Increased convenience
Engaging features
Better patient service
Connect with other healthcare professionals
Medicare benefits
Security and data protection
Increased convenience

Easily access the video conferencing function via a computer, tablet or the HotHealth phone app. Once logged in, you and your clients can see all of their past and upcoming sessions.

Engaging features

Appointment reminders are sent automatically in the lead up to the appointment. There is also an internal chat function available during the appointment.

Better patient service

Allow your clients to consult you at a time that suits them best. Days off work for Specialists appointments can be avoided, and children or other family members appointments can be made from the convenience of their home, saving costs in travel and day care arrangements etc.

Connect with other healthcare professionals

Providers living in rural or remote areas can connect with other healthcare professionals easily, avoiding out-of-practice time.

Medicare benefits

Medicare benefits are available for video consultations between Specialists and patients living in telehealth eligible areas. Medicare benefits are also available for clinical support provided by a healthcare professional who is with the patient during the remote consultation.

Security and data protection

HotHealth is locally hosted in Australia, and the platform is only accessible using log in details. Powered by the highly secure – Skype for Business, Office 365 (certified by the Australian Signals Directorate and Australian Cyber Security Centre at the “Protected” classification level for storing and transmitting Australian Government information), the highest of precautions are taken to safeguard your teleconferences, with no recordings or conferences stored in HotHealth, Skype for Business or Office 365.

For further peace of mind and protection, the following measures are also in place:

  • Just In Time access
  • Encrypted technology
  • A ‘protected status’
  • Use of a Government Certified Cloud environment

* For details of Microsoft Conformance in Australia click here.