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All the tools you need to go digital and provide your services online.

Start with your website

A good looking website is your first step to going digital.

Once you have your digital doorway, you can offer our healthcare services online.

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HotHealth Online

Thinking of leveling up your healthcare?

We are here to help you get things started.
We want to make sure you have the tools you need to get yourself sorted for the digital future of healthcare.
HotHealth Continuity of Care

Are you telehealth ready?

Future proof your business with telehealth technology.

HotHealth gives your healthcare delivery organisation the capability of supporting patients and clients throughout the entire care continuum.

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Digital forms are smarter forms

We make it easy to build digital forms for patient registration, customer satisfaction, consent, referral forms and more.

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HotHealth Forms - smarter alternative

Connect HotHealth with your workflows

HotHealth becomes more powerful when you connect it with other systems.

Connect your bookings and forms data with other systems you already use everyday!

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