Lifecard and HotHealth

Working together to provide an exceptional experience to your patients & clients.

Lifecard app

Why you should leverage Lifecard

Lifecard gives your organisation a competitive advantage and will enable improved care.

The Lifecard integration is included automatically at no extra cost to organisations using HotHealth. Lifecard is a Personal Health Record (PHR) phone and web app. Lifecard can be used by patients and clients to record all aspects of their own health record, and is easily accessible via a web-browser or downloadable from the app stores. To enhance convenience, a single login can be used for the Lifecard Personal Health Record (PHR) account, which can also be used to access an organisation’s HotHealth site from the menu bar.

Lifecard is a free app for users

Your patients and clients can download Lifecard at no cost. Visit the Lifecard website to read more about Lifecard as an app.

HotHealth and Lifecard

How does the Lifecard app fit in?

HotHealth for communication between your organisation and your patients, Lifecard for patients to record key health information.

HotHealth is your site to engage with your patients and clients. Lifecard is the patient’s personal health record. They can share their record with you, their healthcare provider, so you can keep an eye on the information important to their health condition you are assisting with.

Save information to Lifecard.

Once a patient has a video appointment with you, they can choose to save the chat transcript to their Lifecard account for future reference. More integrations like this will be coming soon, so keep an eye out!

Send clinical information from your medical record system.

ReferralNet is not only integrated with HotHealth, but Lifecard also. You can send information from your Secure Messaging letter writer to the patient’s Lifecard so you both have a copy of the information.

Digital tools for health are the future

Enabling patient-centered health management is key to transforming the patient journey/experience.

Lifecard benefits for your business

Patient centered

Empowering patients with tools to manage their health will be a critical component of healthcare into the future.

A better view of their health

Patients can grant you access to view parts or all of their Lifecard health record. Take action proactively for better health outcomes.

Securely send letters

You can send letters or notes via ReferralNet secure messaging to Lifecard.

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