Easy to edit back-end for ‘non techies’

Edit the site when you need to, without asking your IT team.

Easily add your colours, logo and text

HotHealth automatically applies your colours across the site for a consistent look.

In a few minutes, you can update your whole look of the website by quickly adding in colours, images and selecting your font type.

HotHealth manager dashboard branding
HotHealth - Create forms one platform

Create digital forms from the same dashboard

Your single HotHealth login to the dashboard means you can edit not only your site but also any digital forms from the same platform.

It’s that easy to take your next step to a digital healthcare delivery business.

HotHealth grows as you do

Switch sections on and off

Enable or disable sections of the site from your dashboard.

Already have a website?

If you are running HotHealth as a secondary site for engagement only, you can disable tools that you already have covered on your main website.

Starting out?

If you are starting with the basic website features, you can enable other features such as events and chat as you grow!

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