Improve your telehealth consults with HotHealth’s chat box

Communicate with patients and clients in a telehealth call and beyond.

In-session chat boxes

Enhance your video call with the HotHealth chat box.

Participants can type into the chat conversation while the video session is occurring.

Sharing files Chat
HotHealth Chat - continue

Save the chat for later

Once the call is complete, participants have the ability to save the chat box as a PDF to their own device.

Providers can also choose to send the chat to their organisation’s clinical system via ReferralNet.

Chat for continuity of care

Chat and messaging

If you have enabled the chat feature, participants of the call can continue the chat conversation once the video session has ended. Users just need to login to their HotHealth account on your site.

Chat forums and more

Chats are not limited to video sessions. Managers of the site can create one-on-one or group chats to encourage ongoing engagement with your organisation and each other. Users can access the chat conversations through the HotHealth app for ease of use.

Individual messaging

Choose to start a chat with a single patient, client or provider.

Group chats

Select one of your groups to start a conversation with for community engagement.

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