Your health service is going digital, time to take your forms with it

Digital forms for telehealth.

Online forms to fit with your workflow

HotHealth forms are accessible via URL.

You can insert the relevant form URL into your SMS confirmations, email reminders, website buttons and even digital QR codes.

HotHealth Forms send in SMS
HotHealth Form Sign Consent

Add a digital consent form to your telehealth offering

Create an informed consent form with our drag and drop form builder.

You can add your own terms, a consent box and even a digital signature area.

Digital forms for your digital service

Sent direct to your practice management or clinical system

Completed forms can be sent via ReferralNet to an Argus or ReferralNet end point. This means you can see the completed forms in your secure message inbox of your PMS, EMR or other system.

See past submissions

Submitted telehealth forms are securely saved in the HotHealth and are accessed via the manager dashboard. As a manager, you can view past submissions, export them as individual PDFs or bulk export responses as CSV or JSON.

Send the form link to telehealth patients prior to your call

Simply share the URL with your patients and clients to capture important information.

Create PREMs and PROMs

HotHealth allows you to capture a wide range of data. Create Patient Reported Experience Measures and Patient Recorded Outcome Measures within the form builder.

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