HotHealth for Specialists


The ultimate online tools for specialists

What is HotHealth?

A Customisable online tool with all the features you need for a website and video conferencing.

Choose to use HotHealth as your all-in-one website, online booking and video conferencing platform. Enable the features you need and disable the features you already have.

Secure Video Consultations 

No longer will you be restricted to only seeing patients face-to-face, you will also be able to consult with patients via our Australian Telehealth Standard secured line.
Now you can offer additional services to your patients with video conferencing technology. Add after-hours services or follow up video appointments to your services.

The HotHealth App 

The App functionality means that your practice and services are easily accessible.

The HotHealth app allows you to be on the home screen of your patients’ phones, without you needing to build and maintain your own app.

Online Bookings 

Your patients can book appointments directly from their phone, computer or laptop.

Once logged in, patients can view their upcoming and past appointments as well as receive reminders.
HotHealth can run stand-alone or can be integrated with PrimaryClinic Practice and MasterCare+ via FHIR standards.