Automatic notifications with HotHealth

Customer notifications for appointments, chats and content.

The ability to send push notifications

You don’t need to build your own app. Use the HotHealth app to send push notifications.

HotHealth’s app allows you to send automatic push notifications to your patients and clients when you add new content to your site or post in a one-on-one or group chat.

HotHealth app for push notifications
HotHealth email notification

Appointment confirmation and reminders

Email notifications are sent automatically to patients and clients when new appointments are booked, rescheduled or cancelled through HotHealth.

In the lead up to an appointment, participants will be sent reminders.

Event and news reminders

Remind patient and clients of events

Use the events feature to manage virtual or actual events.


Collect RSVPs and set automatic reminders to be sent to invitees before the start of the event.

Business news

Notify patients and clients of your latest news via push notification with the HotHealth app or email notifications.

All included

Push and email reminders are included in the HotHealth subscription.

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