Your Digital Doorway to Healthcare Services

A webinar for businesses wanting to learn more about the tools available for telehealth


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Are you unsure of how digital can assist you and
your business during COVID-19?

HotHealth is an easy to use online platform to assist you with building brand awareness, engaging and attracting clients online, and expanding your network reach.
Join us for our next live webinar on video consultations, and see how easily you can get online help your business grow.

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The move to becoming a digital business can be daunting…but that shouldn’t stop you!

Those who don’t see themselves as tech savvy or digitally smart may fall behind when they need to step up to building an online presence before they get left behind.

Learn some of the tools you can use to grow your business online

We want to support you during the
COVID-19 pandemic

We have waived our subscription fee until mid June 2020 for new clients
Protect you, your organisation & patients with video conferencing
Minimise contamination and spreading

*only pay for stripe and usage