Safe in transit

Choose to have forms sent via SMD to your EMR or PMS.

Secure sending

Choose the smarter, safer way of sending complete patient forms.

Swap patients emailing you a scanned version of their form, to a patient simply filling in your form online. The complete form is sent via ReferralNet to your secure messaging inbox in your clinical system.

HotHealth Registraion form - online
HotHealth Secure Messaging Inbox

Easy matching

At your receiving end, the form can be easily matched and saved to the correct patient and client record.

Forms that are sent via Secure Message Delivery just need a first name, last name and DOB field.

Other formats for delivery

Some forms aren’t clinical, so SMD is not needed.

CSV for Excel

Export responses in a CSV for trend analysis.

PDF for an easy view

Export each response as a PDF for saving to your local device.

SMD for clinical data

Completed forms can be sent via ReferralNet to an Argus or ReferralNet end point for secure transit of data and easy saving to files.

Say goodbye to paper