Build your community with a branded portal

With HotHealth’s user feature, you can continue your care outside of a clinic or hospital setting.

Connect with your customers

Invite your patients and clients to be a member of your site.

HotHealth then becomes more than a website; it is also your branded portal!

HotHealth Engage with a portal
HotHealth - Group like minded patients

Build groups of like-minded patients and clients

Connect patients with patients.

Allow people to exchange stories with others who are going through similar health challenges. Create a community where your health business is one that encourages communication and engagement online.

Create member’s only content

You are the expert

No matter your health specialty, you are an expert in your field. Publish content that is only accessible by members of your site or particular groups.

Event RSVP

Create events and manage RSVPs all on the same platform as your website.

Group chats

Invite your patients and clients to group chats to continue your engagements throughout their care.

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