Send your forms

Use the form URL in your emails, SMS, QR codes and on your website.

Access online

Add your form URLs to a custom page on HotHealth or to your existing website.

Patients, clients and other healthcare providers can easily access the form URL to complete a form. Forms can be submitted on a phone, tablet or computer.

HotHealth Forms - Flu screening
HotHealth Forms send in SMS

Use email and SMS

Send the form link via email, SMS or any other method of communication.

So many use cases

In-clinic forms

Add QR codes to your forms so that even people who visit in your clinic can complete the form digitally. Especially important since COVID-19, reducing any form of physical touch will reduce risk and allow staff to focus on important tasks.

On site iPads

Add the URL link to your homescreen and ask patients and clients to fill in the information on site.


Link to the online form on your website for easy access.

Email and SMS

Use the URL in your SMS and email confirmations and reminders.

Say goodbye to paper