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Video Tutorial: Creating a Form

Image: Woman on Laptop
Digital forms are a perfect way to add convenience for your patients. Learn more about different form components that help you capture important information and consent prior to appointments. Creating a digital form through HotHealth allows you to remove the need to collect and store paper and makes data collection…

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Video Tutorial: Creating a Form

Image: Woman on Laptop
Digital forms are a perfect way to add convenience for your patients. Learn more about different form components that help you capture important information and consent prior to appointments. Creating a digital form through HotHealth allows you to remove the need to collect and store paper and makes data collection…

HotHealth Introduces New Features

Image: Doctors on Devices
We are constantly making updates to provide you with the most up to date and competent software. We have some new features that will help you better manage your practice or clinic and give you more options for customisation.   Digital Forms You can now add a ‘Save Draft’ button…

Paper vs Digital

Image: Doctor on iPad
As we are aware, healthcare is continually evolving to meet the demands of the 21st century. With that, healthcare businesses nationwide are exploring the possibility of shifting from paper to digital as well as the benefits and input associated with this change. As we know the prospect of transitioning systems…

Webinar: How to use Video Conferencing

Webinar: How to use Video Conferencing We’ve made some important updates to HotHealth’s Video Conferencing that you and your clients will love! To learn more about how you can make the most of Video Conferencing in your practice, check out our latest webinar here: Explore Digital Tools We’ve created a…

Webinar: Making the most of Digital Tools

Webinar: Making the most of Digital Tools Learn about how digital tools can assist you in creating more opportunities in the future. In this webinar we’ve covered all of the essential digital tools you can utilise to assist your healthcare business in reaching its full potential in the online world!…

Read our Digital Tools Checklist!

Want to gain an in-depth understanding on how you can take your healthcare business to the next level using some of the hottest digital tools right now? Look no further. Our team has worked hard to create your guide to some of the most valuable digital resources to assist you…

Five HotHealth Form Settings You Should Know About

Five HotHealth Form Settings You Should Know About Like last year, thus far 2021 has seen the healthcare sector being thrust into the world of tech, having to utilise digital tools and functions like telehealth rather than traditional face-to-face appointments. Offering services for patients and clients online has meant that…

HotHealth Featured in Doctology’s Healthtech Directory

HotHealth featured in Doctology’s Healthtech Sector Product Directory Doctology scans the Australian HealthTech sector for valuable content in the form of new product features, profiles, market analysis, healthcare news and more. Most recently, Doctology compiled an Australian Healthtech sector product directory featuring a list of healthcare categories for technology, and…

NEW FEATURE: Test your technology before the start of a video call

Allied Health on computer
Say good-bye to delays due to technology. Pre Video Call Test is now available for all HotHealth users The pre-call test is available on your appointments page, via the appointment details page for the specific video appointment and also in emails relating to booked video calls. You can also link…

New! Add a file upload to your forms

Digital Forms, Posts
Now you can add a file upload to your patient forms The ability to ask patients or clients to upload an image or document at the time of them filling out a form is now possible. It has been a feature regularly requested in user groups and from our customers,…

Video webinar: Online Bookings

Video Tutorials
Webinar: The advantages of online patient bookings Watch now Learn about online bookings in the modern world and how you leverage the added patient convenience This webinar outlines the use of online bookings in the modern world, why you should use HotHealth for online bookings. Learn about the online bookings…

Mental Health Software Deal Signed with Butterfly Residential Care for Australia’s First Residential Eating Disorder Facility in Queensland

Australian Healthcare Software provider Global Health Limited (ASX: GLH) (“Global Health” or “Company”) is pleased to announce a significant contract with Butterfly Residential Care for an integrated Client Management System that focuses on dealing with issues relating to mental health.   Highlights: • Integrated Client Management Contract signed worth over…

HotHealth featured in Doctology

Posts, Telehealth
Doctology scans the Australian HealthTech sector for valuable content in the form of new product features, healthcare news and more   Global Health‘s HotHealth platform has been included in Doctology’s landscape of Telehealth / Telemedicine / Screening / E-Consult Services in Australia.   View the full article on the Doctology…

Interact with clients through the interactive whiteboard

Interacting online inside your video appointment just got easier Now available for all HotHealth users using our video conferencing feature You can start a whiteboard, ask other video chat participants to open it and grant access to other video call participants to draw on the whiteboard at the same time.…

Video Tutorial: Patient Engagement

Video Tutorials
HotHealth webinar – digital doorway Learn how to use HotHealth for your patient engagement. Patient engagement It is crucial to continue on your engagement, beyond your physical consultations. Use HotHealth as part of your communication strategy with your patients and clients. HotHealth can help when you leverage the users and…

Stockhead: Maintain the Telehealth momentum

Posts, Telehealth
HotHealth Forms
Here’s what the telehealth industry wants from ScoMo to maintain momentum ASX telehealth stocks have had a solid six months, gaining 25 per cent, but there are warnings more has to be done to maintain the run. The breakout of COVID-19 resulted in wide-spread adoption of telehealth as medical professionals were forced…

Video Tutorial: Let’s go digital

Video Tutorials
HotHealth webinar – digital doorway Learn how to use HotHealth for your online presence, patient engagement and modernising processes. Online presence HotHealth can be used as a website for healthcare practices without a website. If you already have a website, use HotHealth alongside as a patient portal or engagement platform.…

Video Tutorial: How to use the HotHealth as your website

Video Tutorials
Webinar: How to use HotHealth as your website Learn why you need a website and how to customise your HotHealth website. This webinar outlines why you need a website, why HotHealth is a good option and how to customise HotHealth for your website or patient engagement portal. Why you need…

Our top 14 tips for better video calls  

HotHealth Video Conferencing for Telehealth
How can you make sure that your video call is the best it can be? You’ve got your technology in place, your staff have learnt how to use the platform, you are ready to go. Here are some tips to follow to make sure your video quality is high, your audio is clear…

Video Tutorial: How to use the digital forms feature

Video Tutorials
HotHealth webinar: How to use digital forms in HotHealth HotHealth allows you to create digital forms to efficiently collect quality data with reduced errors prior to or after your appointments. This feature allows you to create referrals, registration, pre-screening, contact, feedback forms and more. This webinar outlines why you should…

Video Tutorial: How to use the Video Conferencing Feature

Video Tutorials
HotHealth webinar: video conferencing feature How to use the video conferencing feature in HotHealth Offer telehealth services to your patients and clients HotHealth gives you a branded platform for video calls, digital forms and online bookings. You presence remains consistent with your patients and clients because you can brand the…

HotHealth fast tracks release of forms function for COVID-19 & remote care

Digital Forms, Posts
Man booking on an ipad
New features At the request of our customers, and in response to new Australian Government support for fighting COVID-19, HotHealth has fast-tracked the release of its newest feature; forms and surveys. HotHealth, a feature-rich engagement platform, enables providers to digitally communicate with clients and patients through video conferencing, community engagement…

New Commercial Partnership with Best Practice Software

HotHealth patient engagement
Media announcement: Global Health Limited Global Health Limited (ASX: GLH) (“Global Health” or “Company”) is pleased to announce a new commercial partnership with Best Practice Software (Bp Software), as part of their network partner ecosystem program. The partnership means Best Practice Software’s extensive network of over 5,000 Medical Practices currently…

Use Video Conferencing to reduce COVID-19 contamination

HotHealth Engagement via phone
Healthcare providers to use Video Conferencing to reduce COVID-19 contamination Healthcare providers that offer virtual care to their patients are already ahead of the game when it comes to managing the challenges faced by most businesses during this worldwide pandemic, Coronavirus. HotHealth users can conduct remote video conference consultations with…

How to attract new clients and get found on Google

Posts, Website
HotHealth - Digital engagement
Practices are exploring digital options to increase client numbers. Are you? In recent years, it has gotten harder and harder to maintain client loyalty. More options are available and accessible for clients to choose a different practice than they have to date. As well as this, patient loss is an…

5 key ways to minimise patient recall

HotHealth sending a reminder
How can you ensure you apply patient recall and patients re-book follow up appointment? Who is responsible in ensuring a patient rebooks their appointment and doesn’t get added to patient recall lag? We are all about patient empowerment, and consumers managing their health, however, the practitioner should still do what…

The 2020 Patient

HotHealth send updates
Is your practice in a position to meet the rising expectations of the modern-day patient? A new year and with it a new decade, with new clients seeking ease and convenience at their fingertips. The Australian healthcare scene is going through a rapid change, with digital transformation, workforce optimisation and…

Looking for a Christmas wallpaper?

HotHealth has you covered Download a background for your desktop or phone to get you in the festive spirit! Choose your favourite and download it from the below. The simply load it to your device wallpaper. (our favourite is summer Santa!). Summer Santa Summer Santa: Download desktop background. Summer Santa: Download phone…

The digital tools transforming specialist scope of practice

Posts, Telehealth
HotHealth Doctor Online Practice Website
Medical specialists are taking advantage of telehealth tools and digital health records to transform their practice and offer better care to patients. From dermatologists to rheumatologists and orthopaedic surgeons, modern technologies are enhancing the efficiency of specialist medical practice for a range of different specialities and helping it become more…

3 Ways to Minimise ‘No Shows’

Lady on phone looking at website
Patients who don’t show up for their appointments are a frustrating, expensive cost to your business, but thanks to new technology, tools are available to minimise the likelihood of no shows. From offering telehealth solutions to digital appointment tools, you can limit no shows and help your clinic save money.…

Online is Good for Business

ReferralNet New Years Resolution team
Your organisation needs a clear, strategic online presence to engage and retain patients in today’s tech-savvy world. If you don’t have a great website enabled with teleconferencing, chat and online booking software, your clinic, spa or business will fold to those adopting health technology. Thankfully, there are a number of…

Telehealth can benefit your clinic, patients, and your practice

Posts, Telehealth
Psychology Website
Healthcare technology is transforming traditional medical and allied health practices thanks to innovative apps and eHealth platforms. With the rapid expansion of the Digital Health sector, extensive research has been done to examine whether eHealth is advantageous to patients, as well as health professionals. Studies from overseas have proven the…

How to set up a website for a specialist

Posts, Website
specialist website banner
Setting up a new Specialist Clinic, or need to update your website? Find out what you will need to get your website set up. Website details To start, you will need to purchase a domain name (this is your URL, for example, You can purchase these from sites like Crazy…

Why you should offer virtual care to your clients

Ipad and lady at home - telehealth
What is virtual care? Virtual care includes anyway a healthcare provider interacts with their clients and patients, without seeing them in person. Currently, the most common example in the health industry is telemedicine, where the health provider will use audio and video to talk to their patients without being in…

Important information you should include on your homepage

Posts, Website
HotHealth patient engagement
Time to create your homepage content? There are several important features you need to include on your homepage for your healthcare and wellness business. We have outlined the key features that are critical to include. Branding Make sure that your logo and colours reflect your brand positioning. Navigation Having a…

How to pick the right colours for your website

Posts, Website
Colour-Schemes HotHealth
Choosing the right colours for your website can seem like a daunting task. This is especially true if you are not a marketer or a designer. The first thing to consider when choosing colours is your logo and branding. Most often, it is easiest to use your logo and its…

Telehealth for Regional Clinics

Appointment on ipad
Overcome common barriers by taking your services online Telehealth/Telemedicine is when healthcare providers use telecommunication technology to provide healthcare services, exchange health information and more. This overcomes barriers such as time and location. This digital method is more cost-effective and convenient in comparison to the traditional face-to-face way of providing…

5 reasons why you need a website

Posts, Website
HotHealth Health Coach Website
Despite the fact that most healthcare consultations still occur offline, a website is essential for healthcare services. Your website is where you can publish information about your practice, about you and your staff, the conditions you specialise in and is a place where patients and clients can contact you. 78%…

Connected Health Records

CHR banner
Connected Health Records The health industry uses terms such as EMR (Electronic Health Record), EHR (Electronic Health Record), PMS (Patient Management System), PHR (Personal Health Record) and SHR (Shared Health Record). Now, the CHR (Connected Health Records) is becoming more and more topical. HotHealth plays a vital role in enabling…

How to Write a Great Blog Post

Posts, Website
HotHeallth Blog Post
How to Write a Great Blog Post Have you been thinking about writing a blog post? Perhaps you feel a bit intimidated and not sure how to get started? Fortunately, we are here to help you! Whether you are a newbie to the whole blogging thing or you have been dabbling…

Video Tutorial: How to Setup an Appointment Booking

Video Tutorials
How to Setup an Appointment Booking Easily book and schedule both in-person and virtual consultations with HotHealth. Watch our video tutorial below to see how! Your clients or staff can book and schedule appointments directly from their phone, computer or laptop. The HotHealth platform also gives businesses the option to…

Secure Video Conferencing for Your Business

HotHealth Laptop Website Client
Secure Video Conferencing for Your Business Give your patients and clients access to your services, staff and specialists from the comfort of their own home. Remote care has never been easier thanks to secure video conferencing! Video consultations have advanced tremendously over the years, going from a service that was…

Video Tutorial: How to Setup and Use the User Engagement Features

Video Tutorials
How to Setup and Use the User Engagement Features Build stronger relationships with your clients. HotHealth allows you to set-up chat forums for groups or even one-on-one. This feature allows you to not only keep your community up-to-date but also actively engaged with your latest news and developments thanks to our…

Video Tutorial: How to Get Started with HotHealth

Video Tutorials
How to Get Started with HotHealth Set up your business’s online presence in just 10 easy steps! Watch our video tutorial below. HotHealth is a ready-to-go, customisable website (and app) with all the features you need to connect with your customers. Establish your online presence, build stronger relationships and engage…

10 Steps to Build Your Own Website With HotHealth

Posts, Website
HotHealth Website
10 Steps to Build Your Own Website with HotHealth More people are looking for services and products online than ever before – making a website one of the most valuable and effective marketing tools to help your business grow and prosper. Having said this, we understand that establishing yourself online…

The Benefits of an Online Booking System

Online Booking, Posts
HotHealth App Phone
The Benefits of an Online Booking System As the world changes and technology evolves, many businesses are introducing an online booking system to help improve their workplace efficiency as well as offer a high-quality, positive and hassle-free customer experience. Gone are the days where you have to keep the business phone, a…

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