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Video Tutorial: How to use the digital forms feature

HotHealth webinar: How to use digital forms in HotHealth

HotHealth allows you to create digital forms to efficiently collect quality data with reduced errors prior to or after your appointments.

This feature allows you to create referrals, registration, pre-screening, contact, feedback forms and more.

This webinar outlines why you should consider digital forms as the smarter alternative to paper forms, why HotHealth is suitable for this and it also highlights how the feature works in the platform.

Why digital forms are smarter

The biggest advantage is that it allows for remote care. You can easily send patients and clients the link to your online form to be filled out in the comfort of their own home. It also reduces the number of steps involved to have a patient or client fill out an online form.

Why HotHealth for digital forms

HotHealth gives you a branded platform for digital forms, they are not just PDF forms, but responsive forms that are inbuilt into your HotHealth site. HotHealth is Australian hosted, so is suitable for Australian healthcare organisations.

Create as many forms as you need, this may include:

  • patient information
  • patient registration
  • referrals from healthcare providers
  • consent forms
  • screening forms
  • surveys
  • feedback forms
  • PROMs
  • PREMs

The features within HotHealth forms include:

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