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Be at the forefront of digital health trends with HotHealth.

Your site. Your way.

Your HotHealth website is an extension of your health clinics services.

Brand, edit and customise your page to reflect your health clinics services. You’re in the driver seat, you can choose to use HotHealth the way you want to. Add your own colours, logos and imagery to your website and HotHealth App and level up your Healthcare. Enable the features you need, and disable the ones you don’t. It’s as simple as that.

HotHealth Guidance and Support
Video consultation on different devices

Elevate your client experience through remote appointments

Support your team and clients no matter where you are.

Easily overcome time and distance restrictions with HotHealth’s interactive video conferencing technology. Add after-hours services or follow up video appointments. You can book one on one or group calls as needed.

Maximise your bookings

Take bookings and payments online.

With online booking directly from your HotHealth website or the HotHealth app your patients, clients and team can book and schedule appointments 24/7.

Payment at booking HotHealth
HotHealth Forms - Flu screening

Customisable digital forms

Transform your client journey with paperless forms.

Easily build online forms to capture patient and client data and streamline your workflow. Create your own forms from scratch or use our pre-designed industry templates and customise them to suit your health clinic.

Your digital doorway to patient engagement

Enhance interactions

Take your interactions to the next level. Offer a digital solution for capturing data and information, along with the option for video consultations where required.

Increase engagement

Publish news and articles on your site, use HotHealth to create and manage events and hold chat forums. Create a central hub for clients to engage with you.

Add convenience

Clients and staff will love the reduced paperwork.

Stay connected with customers with the HotHealth app

When you use HotHealth to build your site, you gain access to the benefits of having a mobile app. The HotHealth app sends push notifications to your community when you publish new content, send a chat message and more.

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