Save time with ready-to-go forms

Creating forms is easy in HotHealth, but it is even easier when you start from one of our premade templates.

Easy to edit

Add additional questions, tweak the wording and set up your notification emails or secure message end point.

HotHealth Forms Builder editer
HotHealth Form Templates

Use cases

The possibilities are endless.

Our current templates include flu screening, COVID-19 screening, new patient registration, new client intake, specialist referrals, transfer of medical record consent, patient satisfaction and prescription requests.

With the drag and drop builder, you can create forms for allied health services, mental health related services, general practice, diagnostic services, specialist services, community health services and more.

Give it a go

See how easy it is to fill out a form from a patient or client’s perspective.

Patient Registration Form >

COVID-19 Screening Form >

Patient feedback survey

Include PREMs and rating scales in your patient surveys to collect patient feedback. Export the data as a CSV for easy analysis.

Referrals and requests

Allow other healthcare providers to contact you via your HotHealth site for patient referrals.

Prescription requests

Allow online prescription requests for easier appointment setting.

Say goodbye to paper