It’s your brand that matters

Keep your relationship with your customers consistent.

Your logo

The site is for your patients and clients.

Add your logo to the website and HotHealth app.

HotHealth Your brand and logo
HotHealth branded site

Colours and imagery matter

We believe in connecting you with your community on a platform that gives your brand the recognition it deserves.

Your digital forms, online forums, and your patients’ and clients’ appointment pages are all branded in your colours; keeping it consistent with your physical clinic and location.

How it works

Website and app customisation

As the manager of your HotHealth site, you can log in to the manager dashboard and update your colour and font preferences for the website and app page.

Homepage content

Add your logo, images, location and text. We layout the homepage to look great.

Edit in one spot

Updates will then be applied across your whole site, making it easy to customise how your site looks to your patients and clients.

Update as you go

You can customise the colours from your login, no need to involve ‘website people’.

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