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New! Add a file upload to your forms

Now you can add a file upload to your patient forms

The ability to ask patients or clients to upload an image or document at the time of them filling out a form is now possible. It has been a feature regularly requested in user groups and from our customers, so we are thrilled to launch the feature!

The feature is included as part of the HotHealth forms tool, no extra costs apply!

Sometimes, your organisation needs extra information in patient forms. It could be a referral form from a doctor, an image of themselves, an image of something to do with their appointment or other items.
HotHealth forms allow your patients and clients to upload a file with their form submission, ready for your team to access and download from the completed form.

No more chasing up the patient, client or other healthcare providers for additional information, you can ask for it all from the start!

How to add the feature into a form

Ready to start using the feature? Here’s how to add a file upload to a form with HotHealth:

  1. Open your HotHealth site and navigate to the forms dashboard – you can do this from any web browser, however, recommend using a larger screen like a laptop or computer.
  2. Edit an existing form or create a new form
  3. You’ll see an option under ‘premium’ in your drag and drop form builder. Drag this into your form.
  4. Choose your storage settings
  5. Save the form as usual
  6. You’re done!

Make time for other things

Now your staff will have more time to do other tasks, besides chase up missing items.

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