NEW FEATURE: Test your technology before the start of a video call

Say good-bye to delays due to technology. Pre Video Call Test is now available for all HotHealth users

The pre-call test is available on your appointments page, via the appointment details page for the specific video appointment and also in emails relating to booked video calls.

You can also link to your pre-call test (the link on your appointments page) at any time, so can link to it directly from your own communication and emails with clients.
This feature is included in your plan and is available for use immediately!

How to use the pre-call test

Users will be required to visit your own branded pre-call test URL to test their microphone, speakers and video.
You can also lock the board so only the organiser can draw.

Saving the board at the end of the call

The final image on the board at the end of the call will be saved in your chat transcript for future reference. You can access the chat via the ‘chat’ section of HotHealth, send the chat transcript to your ReferralNet account if you are a provider or to your Lifecard account if you are an invited person to the call. All parties can save the chat transcript and final image as a PDF.


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