Five HotHealth Form Settings You Should Know About

Five HotHealth Form Settings You Should Know About

Like last year, thus far 2021 has seen the healthcare sector being thrust into the world of tech, having to utilise digital tools and functions like telehealth rather than traditional face-to-face appointments. Offering services for patients and clients online has meant that administrative processes have also had to adapt to new systems and processes. One feature that we believe could be an integral part for your business’s future, especially during the current climate, is HotHealth’s digital forms. Whether you’re using digital forms to compliment telehealth appointments for patient registration, to screen appointments, or simply generating a consent form, there are many settings involved that you should know about to simplify your workflow.

1. Templates
Using one of our pre-made templates will help you cut down on administration time and assist you in staying more organised whilst moving over to a paperless system. Currently, our templates include flu screening, COVID-19 screening, new patient registration, new client intake, specialist referrals, transfer of medical record consent and prescription requests. Each form allows you to incorporate your own branding for brand recognition to your clients, and you can further customise them for your specific needs.

2. Drag and drop form builder
Can’t find a pre-made template to suit your needs? Not to worry, our ‘drag and drop form builder’ has you covered! The DIY option for creating forms is super simple and user friendly, even for those who are not so confident when it comes to tech. With an array of options to choose from, collecting client data has never been so simple. Some of the form options you’ll find include: text fields, surveys questionnaires, day fields, e-signature areas, time & date fields, check boxes, select boxes, contact detail fields, dropdown select fields and radio buttons. Like our pre-templates, the custom form builder allows you to fully personalise your forms to incorporate your branding too!

3. URL access
The ability to create unique URL links for your forms opens up a range of options for healthcare businesses to share with clients. Use your form’s URL on your HotHealth site or share the link directly via SMS or email so that you can quickly and easily capture patient data online. Alternatively, you can also eliminate physical touch during in-person visits by generating a QR code attached to your forms – all clients will need to do is snap the QR code on their device and fill in their details for you to receive in your system! To generate a QR code to direct patients and clients to your Online Form’s URL, you can use one of the following generators:
The QR Code Generator

4. Secure sending
Remove the need to print and scan patient forms by choosing to have your HotHealth forms sent via ReferralNet to your EMR or PMS. ReferralNet allows you to securely send completed forms to your secure messaging inbox in your clinical system. Say goodbye to paper and enjoy a smarter method of transporting patient data to their individual files.

5. Insights
Stay on top of your insights and trigger email notifications when specific words or answers are seen in completed forms created with HotHealth. Our digital form data capture allows for accurate, real-time data analysis, with the ability to export to CSV for your records. Make your insight reporting simple with HotHealth.

Whilst the above features are only scratching the surface showcasing the endless possibilities with HotHealth’s digital forms, we believe these five factors are key to improving your efficiencies. Going digital eliminates the burden of rekeying patient data and improves patient data accuracy in your systems. Going paperless enhances patient convenience, as well as your convenience and costs savings associated with paper, and time in double handing on administrative tasks. To read more about how you can use HotHealth’s digital forms in your healthcare business, click here.

To find out how you can save with HotHealth’s digital forms, check out our Online Forms Calculator.