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Video Tutorial: How to use the HotHealth as your website

Webinar: How to use HotHealth as your website

Learn why you need a website and how to customise your HotHealth website.

This webinar outlines why you need a website, why HotHealth is a good option and how to customise HotHealth for your website or patient engagement portal.

Why you need a website

Websites give you credibility with your target audience. When you are recommended to someone, the person who has heard about you will go online to look you up. You need a website to outline the services you provide.

A website also gives you the ability to be a thought leader in your field of expertise. Post articles and news pieces on your services and new findings that new customers and current patients can read.

A website allows you to control the information out there about your business, including opening hours, forms, current staff and more.

Why you should consider HotHealth for a website

HotHealth benefits include:

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