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Video Tutorial: Let’s go digital

HotHealth webinar – digital doorway

Learn how to use HotHealth for your online presence, patient engagement and modernising processes.

Online presence

HotHealth can be used as a website for healthcare practices without a website. If you already have a website, use HotHealth alongside as a patient portal or engagement platform. Link your website to your HotHealth and your HotHealth back to your website.

HotHealth is branded as per your branding, with your logo, your colours and your text. Ensure your branding is consistent across all your touchpoints.

Patient engagement

It is crucial to continue on your engagement, beyond your physical consultations. Use HotHealth as part of your communication strategy with your patients and clients.

HotHealth can help when you leverage the users and group function in News, Events and Chat.

Digital forms

Gain efficiencies with digital forms. Save administrative time and reduce the need for printing, scanning and storing patient forms. Plus, it is a more efficient way for patients to complete information.

Digital forms also give you the ability to start seeing trends in data and responses via CSV or JSON file types.

Online bookings

Patients and staff can book in-person or video conference bookings with HotHealth.

The platform can be used standalone or can be integrated with other systems for appointments.

Finally, you can also choose to take payments at the time of booking via our Stripe payment gateway.

Video conferencing

Take your appointments online. Create individual or group video bookings and have the consultation within your HotHealth site. No third party apps are required.

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