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Interact with clients through the interactive whiteboard

Interacting online inside your video appointment just got easier

Now available for all HotHealth users using our video conferencing feature

You can start a whiteboard, ask other video chat participants to open it and grant access to other video call participants to draw on the whiteboard at the same time.

Fantastic for consultations with children or when visual activities are required for engagement and therapy.

The good news? It is 100% included in the cost of your video consultation booking, just click the start whiteboard button while you are inside of your video call to get started!

How to get started quickly

Insert an image to draw on top of to save time setting up the whiteboard at the start of a call. You can save the whiteboard image at any stage in the call and it will save to your device.

You can also lock the board so only the organiser can draw.

Saving the board at the end of the call

The final image on the board at the end of the call will be saved in your chat transcript for future reference. You can access the chat via the ‘chat’ section of HotHealth, send the chat transcript to your ReferralNet account if you are a provider or to your Lifecard account if you are an invited person to the call. All parties can save the chat transcript and final image as a PDF.

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