Mental Health Software Deal Signed with Butterfly Residential Care for Australia’s First Residential Eating Disorder Facility in Queensland

Australian Healthcare Software provider Global Health Limited (ASX: GLH) (“Global Health” or “Company”) is pleased to announce a significant contract with Butterfly Residential Care for an integrated Client Management System that focuses on dealing with issues relating to mental health.


• Integrated Client Management Contract signed worth over $122K over initial 12 months
• Global Health’s expertise in providing software solutions to deal with mental issues a standout in the selection process
• The Wandi Nerida operated by Butterfly Residential Care Pty. Ltd. facility is located in Queensland’s Sunshine Coast


Butterfly Foundation is the national organisation for people living with eating disorders and body image issues. Butterfly’s mission is to changes lives by providing innovative, evidence-based support services, treatment and resources, delivering prevention and early intervention programs and advocating for the needs of their community. With the backing of the Federal Government and generous philanthropic support, Butterfly has established Wandi Nerida operated by Butterfly Residential Care Pty. Ltd on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast. Wandi Nerida is Australia’s first community-based residential facility for eating disorders in Australia and is due to open in mid-2021 (subject to funding).


The state of the art, purpose-built, 13-bed residential treatment facility will provide a phased treatment structure to address not only the symptoms and behaviours but also perpetuating psychological factors that contribute to these serious and complex mental illnesses.


The Integrated Client Management contract is worth in excess of $122K in the initial 12 months and comprises a portfolio of Global Health’s signature platforms:
MasterCare PAS (Patient Administration System) to manage inpatient services,
MasterCare EMR (Electronic Medical Record) to support multi-speciality, team-based care,
MasterCare Dashboard as a Service for insights into the efficacy of clinical and business operations
ReferralNet Secure Messaging platform for the secure sharing of patient and clinical data, and
HotHealth Virtual Care platform as the digital doorway for patient engagement and relationship management.


Jodie Ashworth, Executive Director of Wandi Nerida said,

“Butterfly Foundation has partnered with Global Health to provide an EMR and PAS solution for Wandi Nerida, Australia’s first residential eating disorder facility. Global Health maintained a high focus on customer service and adaptability throughout the selection process. Their experience with ICT solutions for mental health services made them a clear choice for developing innovative solutions for leading edge health providers.”


Global Health Managing Director, Mathew Cherian said,

“Our team acutely understand what is happening in the mental health space in Australia, having developed the IT services to assist and recognise the importance of this initiative. We are strongly committed to supporting the Wandi Nerida facility to become the benchmark and ultimately viewed as the best practice model in dealing with the specific needs of people living with an eating disorder.”


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