Paper vs Digital

As we are aware, healthcare is continually evolving to meet the demands of the 21st century. With that, healthcare businesses nationwide are exploring the possibility of shifting from paper to digital as well as the benefits and input associated with this change. As we know the prospect of transitioning systems and processes to go ‘paperless’ is daunting, however utilising the right platforms can ease the transformation. Here are some reasons as to why moving to a digital workflow will make your life easier in the long run (and isn’t that hard to do!)

5 Advantages of Going Digital

   1.  Reduction in Administration

Although paper systems have been a trusted process in healthcare for decades, they are no longer the most efficient solution. As technology has improved, healthcare businesses have struggled to keep up with the progression of digital options. Digital workflows allow less room for human error, such as misplacing or damaging patient files. Time is also saved in administration when transferring to digital possibilities due to the elimination of double handling. An example of this is using digital forms. The ability to directly send data from a digital form to your chosen EMR system replaces the need for rekeying important patient information.

   2.  Saving Money

With paper systems come unnecessary expenses, such as the costs associated with paper, printing, storage, etc. Digital options allow healthcare providers to save money on these hidden costs related to paper processes, so they can invest it elsewhere in the business. Having everything accessible through digital systems is a sure way to not only increase efficiency, but to cut costs too. You can leverage several platforms that will end up saving you money, however a good place to start if you are considering digital forms function is HotHealth.

To learn more about how you can save money in your healthcare business when ditching paper forms, check out our Digital Forms Savings Calculator.

   3.  Kinder on the Planet

Did you know that according to Dartmouth University, turning a single tree into 17 reams of paper results in around 49.9kg of C02 being released into the atmosphere? With digital workflows, you’re inevitably doing your part to protect our environment. You can easily avoid unnecessary paper waste when you go digital. For example, when you decide to make a change to a digital form, you instantly avoid paper waste and the need to reprint by simply updating your digital forms online. So, why not focus on a sustainable future in your business and switch to a process gentler on our planet – save some trees while you’re making your processes more streamlined!

   4.  Superior Client Experience

Let’s face it, there’s nothing patients and clients dread more than spending extended time in the waiting room. We all have busy schedules, and with digital options, you can have the confidence that you will easily be fitting into your patient’s and client’s day. Offering digital options instead of paper is only one component of going digital. Services such as telehealth and online booking allow your patients to easily engage with you through their phones, tablets and laptops when they need to. We live in a world where technology is a core part of our social interactions, so why not extend that same ability to connect to your healthcare business?

   5.  Increasing Hygiene in Your Practice

During the pandemic, we have learnt how exercising good hygiene can reduce the risk of sharing nasty germs. Eliminating the need for sharing pens and paper is just another way to promote hygienic practices in your healthcare business and keep you, your team, and your patients safe.


Tools You Can Use

There are so many benefits when choosing to transfer your systems over from paper to digital. Still, the one factor that we believe is most important is that you ultimately get back time and resources to focus on delivering your patients with the most superior service. As a healthcare professional, your skills are what your client base is looking to access, so simplify the process and take your healthcare business to the next level!

Here are some tools you can consider using when swapping from paper to digital:

  • HotHealth’s Digital Forms: Make the switch from paper forms to digital with HotHealth. With an array of fully customisable form templates available, you will save time and money, all while creating a better patient journey in your business.
  • ReferralNet Secure Messaging: This system allows you to transition from sending documents via fax machine by providing a secure messaging platform to securely send essential documents to wherever you need them to go.
  • Join ReferralNet with Go Fax: If you, or healthcare professionals in your current network are not yet ready to remove fax from daily processes, ReferralNet offer a solution with GoFax. Use a single solution to exchange fax and eReferrals direct from your clinical system.