HotHealth Introduces New Features

We are constantly making updates to provide you with the most up to date and competent software.

We have some new features that will help you better manage your practice or clinic and give you more options for customisation.


Digital Forms

  • You can now add a ‘Save Draft’ button to your form. Meaning, you can also see incomplete forms and users can save their form and return to it later
  • By default, form data will be deleted from HotHealth after 30 days if sending via ReferralNet
  • You will now be able to specify that a user must be logged in to their HotHealth account to fill out a form
  • We have created more form components for you to more easily build your forms
    • A BMI field has been added to auto calculate based on weight and height measurements
    • Data sending fields have been added that automatically include the required data points to share data via ReferralNet and with Lifecard

HotHealth: Form Settings

Security and Accessibility

  • Organisations can require two-factor authentication for users to login to their HotHealth site
  • Assistant managers in HotHealth now have the ability to view form submissions
    • Prior to this update, you had to be a top-level manager

Secure Messaging and Data Transfer

  • You can now specify what ReferralNet account each form is sent to when designing your form
    • Before, you could only set a global ReferralNet account per HotHealth organisation
  • We have added Hl7 Refi12 support. When sending via ReferralNet, the PDF can send the following data points as Hl7 data so that end systems can automatically add this information to patient files:
    • Patient First Name
    • Patient Middle Name
    • Patient Last Name
    • Patient Name Prefix (e.g. Mr, Mrs, Ms)
    • Patient Name Suffix (e.g. Jr.)
    • Patient Date of Birth
    • Patient Gender
    • Patient Email
    • Patient Address
    • Patient Phone Number

HotHealth: Hl7 Form Fields


Patient Focus

  • Patients now have the option to link their HotHealth account with their Lifecard account so that forms can pre-populate known information such as name and email. Including:
    • First Name
    • Middle Name
    • Last Name
    • Date of Birth
    • Email
    • Address
    • Phone
    • Medicare Number
    • Gender
  • Patients can view a history of the forms they have submitted and if the form hasn’t been deleted from HotHealth they will be able to view and download the PDF version of the form

HotHealth: History of Forms

  • Patients can turn on and off the sharing between the platforms at anytime

HotHealth: Lifecard Toggle

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