HotHealth adds an announcement bar to enable users to add notifications relating to COVID-19

New feature: announcement bar

Service providers and healthcare providers are dealing with unprecedented events and challenging situations with the COVID-19 pandemic. Utilising technology to better communicate with and service clients are of growing importance to healthcare providers.

HotHealth, a patient engagement platform, has announced the newly added feature of an announcement bar across all of their current HotHealth websites, which can be used to display current updates.

The announcement or notification bar allows a one or two-sentence announcement space at the very top of the homepage. It allows healthcare organisations to give information to site visitors about essential information, in this case, COVID-19.

COVID-19 has emerged as a global pandemic, and healthcare providers need technology to help them easily communicate with clients for better patient care and safety for employees.

At a time when businesses are not operating in their usual manner, and BAU is changing daily, this gives HotHealth customers a simple solution to communicate changes directly on their site. It is perfect for displaying general information about irregular opening hours, changes to services, precautions for reducing contamination, or to advise that telehealth options, such as video conferencing, are available.

COVID-19 related announcements were the driver for making this feature available, however other use cases for an announcement bar are:
• Sharing important news or changes to business
• Highlighting a recently released product, service, special or promotion
• Linking to your most recent blog post, press release or upcoming event
• Informing users know of any changes to business or opening hours

HotHealth, a patient engagement platform enables healthcare providers to digitally communicate with patients, through video conferences, community engagement tools, online bookings and more, without the need to be physically present.

In the coming weeks, HotHealth is also making improvements to the platform that will allow online forms to be created. In the case of COVID-19, these forms can be used to further screen patients prior to consultations. These customisable and easy to use forms will increase convenience and patient experience. They can be used for new patient registrations, COVID-19 screening, referrals, feedback surveys and more.

To learn more about HotHealth and the telehealth features available, click here.