5 reasons why you need a website

Despite the fact that most healthcare consultations still occur offline, a website is essential for healthcare services.

Your website is where you can publish information about your practice, about you and your staff, the conditions you specialise in and is a place where patients and clients can contact you.

78% of adults use the internet to find health-related information (Research Australia, 2017). Therefore, it is important that your organisation has an up-to-date website. Further to this, 88% of people aged 18-75 have access to a smartphone which means not only do you need a website, but also one that is mobile-friendly (AIHW, 2018).

Here are 5 reasons why your healthcare business needs a strong online presence.

1. The search starts online

Even if a client has been referred to your practice, most people will still do a search online to a) look at the providers at the practice and b) find contact information for the practice. If your business does not have a website or has an old website, this leaves a negative first impression with your client.

We recommend outlining your business location, specialty, contact details, and provider biographies to give your customers an overall view of the services you offer.

2. Show your credibility

In addition to having your business and staff information, your website is a great place for you to show your credibility. List any industry accreditations you have and also individual education and certifications that will help show your capabilities as a business.

You should also publish news and articles on a regular basis on topics that you are passionate and knowledgeable about.

3. Chance for interaction

HotHealth’s chat function gives healthcare businesses the chance to interact with their regular clients.

Once your client is logged into your site they can participate in chat groups within a user group or one-on-one with their healthcare provider. Having this chat function included in your site means your client only has to come to the one website to interact with all aspects of your business.

4. Convenience

A website gives you the opportunity to offer a level of convenience to your clients. The online booking function gives your customers the flexibility to book in an appointment, reschedule and cancel an appointment online. Not only is this of benefit to your clients, but also reduces administrative tasks for your staff members. It’s a win-win situation for both you and your customers.

5. Additional opportunities for services

Finally, a HotHealth website allows you to sell packages or products through the online shop and also offer online, video consultations as a service.

HotHealth can be updated from your manager dashboard, making it easy for you and staff members to publish regular articles, update details and change images as needed.

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