Important information you should include on your homepage

Time to create your homepage content?

There are several important features you need to include on your homepage for your healthcare and wellness business.

We have outlined the key features that are critical to include.


Make sure that your logo and colours reflect your brand positioning.


Having a user-friendly design is key! Only include navigation options for pages that have relevant information on them for your clients.


Keep your headline simple. Who are you? What is it that you are offering?

What you do

Brief details as to what services you offer and how you can help.

Direct your visitors to how you want them to engage with you and your site.

Main call to action

Outline how you want your website visitors to engage with your site. Do you want them to call you? Visit? Book online?

Supporting images

Choose images that are relevant to your business or industry. To add a level of personalisation to your site, it is great if you can use some images from your clinic and staff. Alternatively, choose images that convey the feelings and brand perception that you want.

What clients get (Your services)

Outline the services that you specialise in. Is it children’s mental health, post-surgery rehabilitation or diabetes related education?

How to see you (contact details)

Show clients where you are based, how they can contact you and when you are available.


Outline the associations you are a part of, or what special accreditation your business has. This is especially important for healthcare-related businesses.

Examples of these might include any of the Royal Colleges, Australian Psychological Society, Australian Physiotherapy Association or Osteopathy Australia.

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