How to set up a website for a specialist

Setting up a new Specialist Clinic, or need to update your website?

Find out what you will need to get your website set up.

Website details

To start, you will need to purchase a domain name (this is your URL, for example, You can purchase these from sites like Crazy Domains. You will also need your logo, colours, clinic contact details and opening hours.

Website pages

Next, you will need to choose what features and pages you want on your website. For specialists we generally recommend the following, however, this may change between specialities.

  • Online Appointment Booking and Video Conferencing
  • News
  • Articles (publish your knowledge)
  • Locations (if you work out of multiple locations)
  • Contact Page
  • Staff Profiles
  • Custom Page for Patient Information

Design and content

You will need to pick how your site looks by using the App Presentation, Website Presentation and Homepage content sections of the manager dashboard. Fill out the simple form and choose your logo and colours. If you need help picking colours, read our blog post on how to select the colours for your site. Then, on the homepage content section, you will need to upload an image for your homepage, write the content to tell people about your business and select up to 12 services you want to highlight for your customers.


If you will be taking any online payments for products, services or appointments, you will need to set up a Stripe account. Also, make sure you add any other colleagues that will need to have access to the manager dashboard of the site in any way. You can give other users full manager rights, assistant manager rights or appointment manager rights. If someone is writing news, articles or uploading events, they will need assistant manager rights or higher. Appointment manager means that the user can book appointments for patients through the appointment section of the site, this is great for receptionists or administration staff.

Contact details

Make sure you outline your address, opening hours, phone number, email address and social media links so that people know where to find you (offline and online).

Appointment booking and staff profiles

In order to have the appointment booking section of the site live you will need to create staff profiles for each of the staff members, outline their working hours and indicate any fees they may charge for online booking. If you will continue to charge patients through your practice management system, you can leave the fees blank.

You will need to know the staff members’ names, emails, qualifications, biography, image (if desired) and the services they provide.

How your patients can take advantage of Lifecard

If your patients download the HotHealth App and sign up to your HotHealth site to receive push notifications from you, they will also be able to access Lifecard Personal Health Record with the same login.

Lifecard is an app for your patients (from Global Health), where they can track important measurements and receive secure messages directly into their Lifecard inbox, from your own system. They can also ‘share’ their record with you, their specialist, so that you can check in after appointments or surgery. Find out more about how Lifecard can assist your patients on the Lifecard website.