How it works

HotHealth All In One Patient Engagement
HotHealth provides secure video conferencing services
where clients access your services from your own site.
You and your client will both need to login to your
HotHealth accounts via the web browser or HotHealth
app to join the video conference.
Once you and your client join the video conference,
you will be able to see and hear each other
through the microphone and camera of your device.

Benefits of Telehealth

Practices can become more efficient by
seeing more patients due to overcoming time and
distance barriers. Telehealth improves the access
to health services locally.
Specialists can better serve the needs of of patients
by allowing them to consult at a time that suits
them best. Patients do not need to take days off work
to see Specialists or take children or other family
members to the doctor. They are also able to
save costs in travelling, and making family
or day care arrangements.
Providers living in rural or remote areas can
connect with other healthcare professionals easily,
avoiding out-of-practice time.
Medicare benefits are available for video consultations
between Specialists and patients living in
telehealth eligible areas. Medicare benefits are
also available for clinical support provided
by a healthcare professional who is with the
patient during the remote consultation.